Creating a Beautiful Tomorrow

We design urban spaces that enrich quality of life and the environment around us.

At SBP Architects, we focus on working with our clients to create mutually beneficial relationships between people’s quality of life and the built environments. We are an award winning practice, creating architecture and urban design projects. With multi-faceted work in various cities in India and middle-east, SBP exemplifies the architectural practice of the present generation. 

We have designed over 200 plus projects in several building typologies and are aiming to become one of the most respected and prolific architectural firm in the region. Our designs are ecologically responsible and efficient to be integrated in to the urban fabric of the cities. Collective pool of experience & expertise within SBP understands the process of global flows of design, culture and business.

A word from our Founder

Dear Patrons,

It has been a fascinating journey so far. Your participation and contribution as clients, consultants and as fellow professionals has inspired us to consolidate our purpose and determination. Our commitment, passion and perseverance towards crafting better builtenvironments that enrich, uplift and empower people’s lives and societies will continue. Each one of our projects is a tiny link in the chain connecting societies and generations. We would be delighted to invite you to join our journey for making your dream come true and to draw an everlasting picture on this planet

– Suresh Babu