Kamathipura Redevelopment


Client : Kamathipura Punarvikas Samiti

Purpose : Redevelopment

Project status : Concept

Site Area : -

Build up area : -

Kamathipura Redevelopment

Currently, our cities are fragmented into numerous communities and societies. There are differences in these societies in terms of democratic values. economic stature and social infrastructure. Unfortunately, with increasing modernity, this gap has widened and become a constant source of conflict and dissatisfaction. between the haves and the have nots. In our humble effort, we strive to provide comparable amenities to the less privileged people of the association as well as the affluent communities in the neighborhood. with the adoption of sustainable strategies and utilization of sustainable sources of energy, our principal mission is to reduce the burden on the environment as well as on the society. Kamathipura is a region formerly encompassed by skilled workers from other parts of the country, who built several of the most iconic landmarks in Mumbai. These workers were brought here in the colonial era to construct the British monuments that are scattered across south Mumbai today. In later years, people living here got marginalized and Kamathipura became a place avoided by the general public and got termed as a region associated with illegal activities and lawlessness.