The human mind navigates the world and its challenges using three primary mental tools – instinct, emotion and reason. While instinct and emotion are intrinsic, reason is acquired through experiences and observations. Since the dawn of civilization, humans have come a very long way owing to their intellectual curiosity and innovative mindset.

By sharpening our minds, we could harness the power of the resources around us and could use them for our advantage. Unlike other animals, the humans are constantly seeking answers to much deeper questions of life and existence. We are always chasing purpose in life, because we believe that everything in the world exists to play a part in the larger scheme of things. This social and intellectual edge over other species is what sets us apart from the rest. This realization is also accompanied by a responsibility and a duty to never let this intellectual superiority become the premise for unfair dominance over and exploitation of the other species.

Unfortunately, today man is putting his greed before natural balance and universal harmony. We are causing irreparable and irreversible damage to nature and other living beings, and this is in turn deteriorating the quality of our lives. Small changes and interventions in nature are rippling into bigger ones that will eventually decide the fate of mankind. A disturbing example of this is the danger of extinction of bees, which poses serious threat to mankind by disturbing the pollination process of several plants, essential for the ecosystem. In another alarming instance, there are speculations of wars happening over fresh waters. Such happenings time and again establish that we must adapt with nature and not try to dominate it.

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