The architect who recreates the world around us

Suresh Babu Muthalayil From a humble beginning in a small Kerala village, Suresh Babu carved out a niche for himself among the best architects of India by his relentless hard work. His versatile approach in designing has made him a favorite architectural designer for many builders and corporates. Understanding customer requirements, end user’s aspirations, and […]

Dream Dialogue Journey

Architect who recreates world around us. World is undergoing tremendous changes rapidly and the role of a designer has to adjust its purpose, direction and speed. Design is emerging as very powerful tool and can be used for destruction or can be used for fighting against injustice, poverty, pollution, environmental degradation……. As architects we must […]

Aamchi Mumbai

Mumbai, Aamchi Mumbai is getting transformed. More than 1600 infrastructure projects are being implemented at a cost of more than 25 lakh crore rupees.The 14 lines of the Mumbai metro are spread across more than 200 km, with a further 21.289 km coverage approved and 136.4 km under the proposal. Of this, 11.4 km are […]


A million years ago, when hostile natural elements spooked humans and our existence was all about hunting and gathering, the priority of the human mind was survival. The ancient man was yet unaware of the endless potential that lay dormant in his conscience. One fine day, perhaps while in the search of his food, as […]


The human mind navigates the world and its challenges using three primary mental tools – instinct, emotion and reason. While instinct and emotion are intrinsic, reason is acquired through experiences and observations. Since the dawn of civilization, humans have come a very long way owing to their intellectual curiosity and innovative mindset. By sharpening our […]